Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walks of Life

The militia comes from all walks of life. While the militia is defined predominantly as able bodied males between 18 and 45, it can be younger or older depending on the state. I also do not believe that women can’t be in the militia. Some will do field work (as in fire teams), but some will be in the camp doing many things. These things could be the things that women have typically done, like cooking, cleaning and some medical. But, they could also do camp security, night watch and the like. The same goes for all people who may not be able to go out into the field. Whether old, disabled or just overweight. Remember, everyone has a purpose. If they want to fulfill, they can. Sometimes the I can’t just means the I won’t or I don’t want to. I can understand that, I have been there. I go out in the field, I stay at camp, depends on where I am needed the most. Remember, even the mp’s, who usually people think stay and police the base, go out on field missions, just not the typical ones we see in movies. We are your neighbors, friends, doctors, mechanics and more. Someone in the militia may have helped you out and you never knew it.

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