Friday, October 4, 2013


The Arizona Pathfinders are always looking for volunteer opportunities. If your church or non profit organization needs help, post here.

Arizona Pathfinders

Arizona Pathfinders exists to protect and serve the citizens of Arizona; to defend their right to Life, Liberty, personal property, the pursuit of happiness, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic; to defend the welfare of the greater community by upholding the rule of law as defined by the constitutions of Arizona and that of the United States; and to ensure the safety of, and the provision for, the family. The Pathfinders role is not offensive in nature, but completely defensive. And as such, our preparations and training focus on the possibility of a National Defense Emergency, or other situation, that depends on a network of local people for sheer survival. We are a legally-organized, community focused, privately-funded, all volunteer, Constitutional Militia, which exists to defend our rights as ordained by God, ranted by Common Law and guaranteed by our Constitution(s) to citizens of the state of Arizona. We are dedicated to the sanctity of life, the consecration of personal liberty, the inviolability of of personal property, and to preserve the ability of the individual to pursue their own course of happiness. To these ends does each Pathfinder mutually pledge the sacrificial oath of "My Life, My Fortune and My Sacred Honor!"


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  2. So, what is your definition, without swearing, cussing, calling names. Let's do this like adults, please.